Saturday, May 26, 2007

30 Days of being good!

Day One:
I decided not to wait until June 1 to start my good girl budget. And what is weird, when I let the budget slip, I let other things slip too. My car is 1100 miles over oil change time, I NEVER do that. My blockbuster movies have been here for 2 weeks not watched. I haven't done Walgreens or CVS deals for 2 months easy. I've not followed up on the Walgreens rebates that never came. I've been pretty wasteful and I feel bad about that. So here I go:

I'm packing my lunches and not eating out for 30 days. I am not buying soda at work. My food budget is $40 per week for everything, plenty of $$. Check out what I got last night for $40.30 because of their memorial day stock up sale...
3 cartons of non concetrated good OJ for $1.26 each
Milk, $3.29
French Bread $1.50
3 1-pound bags of tator tots $.76 each (my junk food yum lol)
Brownie Mix $1.00
Oil 1.99
Pasta $.89
Asian Sesame sauce 2.79
BBQ Sauce .74
Grillmates Seasoning 1.19
Bananas .67
Carrots 1.69
Cabbage 1.19
Onions 1.12
Organic Garlic 2.29 (the only kind they had, I just wanted one, not 6 ggrrr)
5 pounds of "rotten" tomatoes to eat this weekend or freeze $.99
4 packs of 4 seafood eggrolls (sooo good) marked down from $4 to $.99 each woohhooo
1.5 pounds of Mahi Mahi (marked down from $10.99 a pound!) for $3.48
Almost a pound of perch for $.88
.75 pounds of Cajun flounder filets $1.41

See now I don't think that is bad at all. I will mix it in with things I have already and I have already repacked the fish so I can eat it throughout the month. I love to shop my favorite store on Fridays because of the fish mark downs, sometimes I think I'm the only one who buys it.

I think $40 is reasonable and that was what I was spending on take out/lunches a week so this is an improvement. Now I'm off to hunt down my Walgreens receipts! Bye!

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Anonymous said...

Great job on the shopping. Now get to work on those Walgreens Rebates. Heads up CVS is having a 2 day sale (Sunday and Monday). Scott TP (12 pack) for 4.99 and if you go to the Scotts website you can print off coupons. I will be there tomorrow.