Sunday, June 10, 2007


a loaf of bread that looks like bread and tastes like bread. This is experiment three and the only one that looked pretty when it came out of the oven (except for the edge where I dropped it because it was hot..oops). Now don't get me wrong, the other two were/are being eaten but they were lopsided, cracked and just funny looking. It's still a little pale but I think that's because my oven is really old and is not the same kind of ovens out now. It circulates air more, I can't remember what that's called. None of my food browns unless the broiler is on.

I prefer a lower round loaf because I like to make mini sandwhiches for lunch. Plus they fit into my pan better for french toast.

My next baking attempt will be home made waffles. I am going to break open my nifty Cinderella waffle Maker and try this receipe out next weekend Whole Grain Waffles. The idea is once you've made a bunch and frozen them, you can pop them into the toaster to heat them back up. I'm going to wait until next week tho because I really want to make an effort at my new budget and stay out of the grocery store until next Friday.

Isn't it cute? If it hadn't been so cheap I would of gone for a regular cheapo waffle maker. But for $2 extra, I'll make princess waffles :)

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