Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back to Red and White

Ok, remember the pink nursery with the pink and white bedding? Well I'm not going to use it. I wish I had waited just a bit but the pink room was a result of pure boredom, I wanted to buy something cute and I wanted it right now!

I even did a room swap, moved her to the front room and my office to the back. I don't know why I did that either. We'll call that boredom too.

So I am back to using the red and white stuff and moving her back into the back bedroom again. I am going to Home Depot today on the way to dad's to price bead board. Since it's a 10 X 10 room it shouldn't be too scary. I am going to do it halfway up with a rail, paint it white then do red above it. I am going to make cornices (sp? you know, those structured boxy looking things above windows) out of the second dust ruffle I bought. I also need to buy a new light for that room.

I am also going to do something I've wanted to do forever that is going to give my dad a coronary. I am going to cut the drywall out around the closet. I live in an old house with small closets. They are about 2 feet deep and 5 feet wide. The door to access the closet is less than 2 feet. So I loose quite a bit of space into the side voids. I am going to cut out the hole and put bi-folds up instead so I won't loose that space.

But anyway, I am going to start posting my extra stuff for sale on "Baby Loot for Sale" if you are shopping. I am going to price everything at what I paid for it which should be a good deal because I am a bargain shopper.

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Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

I hope you are gonna post pics of the room...I changed Zoe's room a few times....yep that's boredom for you!