Friday, June 08, 2007

Day 14?

Am I already up to 14 days of trying to be good? I guess so. And I guess I really need to change it to the "30 days of me half a$$ trying to be good" because I'm not sticking to my plan.

This week - 2 taco days ($13) & 2 Food City trips ($11 & $21) = $45 soooo close! Next week I am going to challenge myself to just spend $20. $5 on tacos (it's a work social thing) and $15 on milk and fruit. My freezer is packed full of really good stuff, it's time to eat it.

This week I spent my $32 on green tea bags, cranberry juice, smoked sausages, lots of bananas (my fav), a pack of fake crab, milk, fudge bars, an avocado, SIX packs of my eggrolls on sale for 99 cents again!, flour, mayo & 3/4 pound of lemon pepper white fish (can't remember which one). This is a little light on fruit & veggies but I have frozen of both that I am trying to use up.

Now, ask me why I bought an avocado and fake crab?


I am the proud owner of 100 sheets of nori from the stinky market. I also have a bag of sushi rice. Did you know 100 sheets of nori makes 1000 pieces of sushi?? Who knew? I am going to make California Rolls first to practice (minus the caviar). And no, no raw fish at home, that requires a certain grade of fish that you just can't get in East Tennessee.

Also, I've started making bread again. I am out of practice so I tried the Hillybilly Housewife's beginner bread. I added sesame seeds to make it pretty. And I discovered the secret to baking good bread, it's the pan. I am using a high end Cuisinart POT to cook it in. It conducts heat evenly and provides a nice round shape. I am going to branch out to cinnamon rolls and muffins next. Baking is fun!

Ok, I've talked about food enough now, bye!

P.S. First batch! I lost two wrappers because I put too much stuff in it, they literally burst open. Next time I'm buying real crab, I didn't want to waste the good stuff in my first try.

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Stephe said...

I'm loving the california rolls. Thanks fo the photo and recipe. I might have to try them!