Sunday, June 10, 2007


Finally, the mucky mucks at Chevy figured out that they were losing sales because they no longer had an affordable sports car (Corvettes, as lovely as they are - way too expensive). So for several years Chevy has pretty much been giving Ford the market with sales close to 200,000 sports cars a year.

I'd like to introduce the 2009 Camara and my next car. Prices will be comparable to the Mustang, I am hoping they will make them in navy blue. I am going to white stripe the hood too (yeeeehaw..I know lol). In the past the body styles have been the same for each engine size and if they keep to that, I am going to get a v6 manual. If I have to go up to a v8 to get the styling below then I'll suck it up and do it. But in the end I'll have a metallic blue 3-Gen and a navy 5-gen....I'll be a happy girl!

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