Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a dump

The carport is rotten and pulling OFF the back sunroom. The hardwood had no finish on it, the kitchen and baths were totally worn out. I was so ticked that I wasted my time (and got hopeful over it) that I'm writing a letter to the listing agent. It is false advertisement to list a house as excellent condition when it needs 15K in repairs. Not prettiies, repairs! My foreclosure is in better structural condition!

Speaking of my foreclosure, it is still available. I guess the other couple that bid on it told the mortgage company to take a flying leap too. I am going to think about it tomorrow and might resubmit my last offer on Monday. Regardless of which school is it connected to, it is a great price for any part of our whole city except for the "hood".

We are also expanding our search outside of our "core" to about 15 minutes away. Several new builds are out there for a pretty penny. If I give up my hope for another kid and a new car like ever, I can afford it. I am not too excited about the extra commute, another 30 minutes lost out of day doesn't excite me. But the houses are pretty.

Oh well.

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