Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poor Me

I bought junk for the baby today, someone should be happy right? $25 at our work yard sale, check it out...

The dresses are too big (so are the ones I bought on Saturday blah) but they'll keep.
I thought this was cool.
Th big wand plays music and lights up.
Flounder is a purse.

this is neat, princess pictures appear and talk to her. One of them says "A dream is a wish your heart makes...do you have a dream? And Natalie always deadpans it - no. Every time, it kills me!

a nightgown
a crown
She wore them to bed :)

I also bought a "laptop" game thing for $10 that I am taking back (you can do that sort of thing when you are running the sale lol). All I got was "too loud mama, too loud!". Some other kid will love it.


Eliza2006 said...

Eliza would be in heaven! She is SO into Little Mermaid lately! Great stuff!

Chani's Mama said...

What a lot of great princess finds!

girlville said...

you got all that for $25?!?!? wow, that's a deal...as for the too big dresses, try some clothes pins on the back to 'pull them in'. that's what i did with my little cousins when they played dress up in my old cocktail dresses.

Kim said...

Ya, the little dresses were like $5 each and the other stuff was 50 cents to $1. They ended up getting $40 out of me in the end though, I found more dress up stuff for 50 cents a pop. We have a whole fluffy wardrobe now :)