Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Give me a break!

My house has radon in it. Radon is a cancer causing gas that seeps out of rocks and the soil. The acceptable level is 4.0, my house has 4.9. Other houses in the area have tested as high as 100. So 4.9 isn't horrible but it needs to be fixed. You are more likely to have radon if you are situated over a cave system (me) or in the western rockies.

The sellers didn't know they had radon. And they want to do another test.Why? If their test is less, then they'll try to weasel out of the repair. It is 1-2K for the venting system.

So pissy Kim was out in full force today on the phone (my poor Realtor). I told her I didn't trust the accuracy of the second test, there were several things they could do to tamper with the results. I felt like the first test was an accurate one because no one knew there was going to be an issue. They had no reason to fiddle with anything. I was told they signed something saying they wouldn't tamper with the second one. Big deal, people sign things all the time, it doesn't mean anything. I don't know them, I don't know their morals. (can you tell I've been working on Fraud things at work? Trust no one!)

So I don't think it is too much to buy a house without gas in it and told the sellers to save their $150 for the test and just fix it. Someone else might buy it with a failed radom test (morons) but not me. I am already at my limit cost wise on the house and I literally do not have another possible 2K to put in it right now.

And you know what? Pissy Kim will hand delivered the failed radon results to the a new buyer to verify it was disclosed before the sale if they bail out on me. Why? So they can sue. I am not sue happy but there is something about lying that burns me up.

I hate buying houses. This is suppose to be fun. Why do people keep trying to screw me over?


Kim said...

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Yes, house buying is suppose to be fun dammit!! If this was ment to be your house then it will be. But, don't sign anything until they pay for the venting system and YOU have another Radon test done! Good Luck! Keep us posted!

Happy, Proud Mama to Alina Jean

RamblingMother said...

I am so sorry things don't seem to be going right. I am like you, I hate buying and selling them. I tried to comment on your finance blog but on my mom's computer it wouldn't go. So first did you get your poster yet? second, how did you learn to daytrade? did you take a class or just paper trade for a while? (not that I have any money to begin just curious.

Kim said...

I know this doesn't tell you anything, but I just did it one day. I started with $4,000, took a heloc out on my now rental house to build up the fund. My overall amount is down because of the crash, but it is still producing a great income. I am not going to worry about the overall balance for a couple of years.