Tuesday, April 07, 2009


There is another bidder on my house. How dare they!

I do know I've outbid them by $500 and I am doing cash, thanks to creative financing. So take that mystery person trying to ruin my happy foreclosure experience!

I can't remember which blog I posted this to, but 72K was my highest offer, there was too much work. So when did today I put in 78.5K? I call it the "win" mentality. I am not buying a house, I'm freakin winning it. Too much Ebay :)

I was suppose to know something today at 6. Well that didn't happen so I am hopeful about tomorrow. Let me know yes or cut me off so I'll stop thinking about how I am going to fix it up.

Today when I drove by to visit it, there was another person looking at it. (say it with me) How dare they!

I am about 40% sure I have it. Cross your fingers and toes for me!


iamwright said...

How dare they! My fingers and toes are crossed... :)

girlville said...

gah!!! this is agonizing for ME, so i can only imagine what you are going thru!!!! how dare they???

K said...

My fingers, and toes, are crossed for you!!! But are you sure this is THE ONE? Will all the work needed be worth it?

Kim said...

I hope it is the one :) It gets me in the right school district and an extra full bath for 50K less. Plus I'll be able to pay it off in 4-5 years, maybe sooner! Mortgage free rocks!

Carl said...