Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Pictures

Run run run, that is all I feel like we do! I'm pooped!

Went to a bunch of yardsales near my new house this morning. I got the baby several Gap tops and a pair of Old Navy shorts. I also got her a new nightgown and two cheesy Easter hats that she LOVES. Oh ya, and a pair of Gap skinny jeans. All for $7, I thought that was pretty good. I've stopped getting her things in her current size and as long as I get a great deal on them, I have no problems stocking up on bigger things. For example, one top has a sequined Halloween pumpkin on it. Cute and was probably $10-15 new. I would never buy a seasonal shirt for that much, but ya, I'll pay 50 cents for it when it looks like it wasn't even worn. That lets her be cute for the holiday without killing the budget!

I spent $400 for a home inspection this morning. Boy do I hate the costs associated with buying a house! Anyway, house is in excellent condition. The only thing is there aren't any railings on the front porch and the inspector told me the insurance company would be upset about that. So once the radon test is done on Monday we'll approach them about the costs of the rails. Every house in the neighborhood has the rails but this one. Most have a plain wrought iron which would be my first choice. there were also a few small things, like one of the toilets rocked a little (replace the wax seal), seal the brick on the front porch because it is porous and in 5 years will crack off the house (who knew?), grease the rails on the left garage door to take care of a little catch and spilt one wire off a breaker and put it on a new breaker. He said eerything else was fantastic and my house was built better than many in the same neighborhood - yay me!

Picture time!

Someone has to wear all those leftover diapers right?

At Emma's birthday party. She was so cute pushing Natalie around :)

In the bounce house. She jumped for 5 seconds and she was really high. Then she saw exactly HOW high she was and flipped out - sigh
With Tia, they already have that "sheez Mom!" look on their faces!

Being silly
My fancy cabinet
My stove and fridge!

My sink and dishwasher :)

This shows the columns and the pony wall. There is another one behind Natalie's chair.

My 1.5 story high foyer
It is very open on the main floor.

Loooots and lots of yellow! My brother will fix that tho!

Bye for now! - Kim

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