Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

With her Easter bucket. The "bunny" gave her new curlers, a little lamb, an Elmo video, large eggs with fruit chews in them and small eggs with quarters in them for her puppy purse. A banana and two snack bags of marshmallows finished it up. I gave her one Elmo video early and her puppy purse early. Grand-papa has already stocked her purse with wadded up dollar bills (which came in handy when I realized I didn't have any tip money at the golden trough corral (corral isn't better huh?).

A close up. I decided to keep her fancy Easter outfit for a picture section. It has a hat, its that cool.
Nana gave the baby even more stuff. The dino bucket was from Targets after Easter sale last year, 90% off. A whole 89 cents, cute huh? She also got raisins (no candy per mama), a bunny headband, eggs with tinkerbelle panties in them, a lamb basket, barretts, hair elastics, stickers, a mickey pen, mickey mouse cards and a stuffed elephant. Sheez. Is it really obvious Natalie is the only grandbaby?
She really liked these!
With her Aunt Jane in line waiting to get in. GC was a little nuts today!

And of course with 100's of different things to eat, she wasn't interested. One bite of fish, one strawberry, one shrimp. Oh wait, 2 bites of corn too. Oh well!

Happy Easter to everyone!

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Faith, Hope, and Love said...

What a beautiful little girl! I never thought to put curlers in my girls hair...I like that idea!