Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Day Down!

My day was great how was yours? Why was it great? One day closer to our closing date!

Also one day closer to the great purge. Our yard sale is May 2nd and we are dumping a lot of stuff. I purged about 75% of our stuff when we moved to the condo and it has been sitting in a spare room in the rental house. I don't know if I have mentioned but I am a packrat extreme. If I see value in something and think I'll use it then I keep it. I don't keep like 10 years of newspapers or anything like that but I do keep a lot of clothes, bedding and decorative items. And tupperware - good grief do I have a lot of little plastic bowls!

But out it goes. What doesn't sell goes to Salvation Army. That is totally against the packrat way, I am rather proud of myself.

Tomorrow is the inspection, the only thing I am worried about is radon gas. That area is right next to a state park and there are caves. Apparently caves and radon gas go together. But this isn't anything new to the area and surely the builders did whatever was necessary to keep it out of the house.

I've decided the colors of everything, I just have to match it up to the Sherman Williams ring of colors (have you ever seen the ring of colors? it is a lot of fun, they loan it out to contractors to show their clients, just like of HGTV). Natalie's room is going to be a dark lilac, not quite purple on the gray side. I have a headboard I'll paint white for her and I am going to buy her a new twin bed. She'll have white flowy curtains that I'll trim out in various shades of purple ribbons. I am not sure about her bedspread, it will be mostly white I think. She'll have her white baby dresser in there too. Eventually I'll have crown molding put in too. The lilac and the hardwood will be pretty together :)

My room is going to be light green and blue. I have a piece of designer fabric that I am going to do all the colors from. The walls will be the green, I'll use white flowy curtains too and white bedding too. I have the tray ceiling in there so it won't seem too green you know? Then I'll build a frame and stretch the designer fabric like a canvas for wall art. I'll also get a sample size of blue paint that matches and do soemthing artsy fartsy for the walls to go with it.

The living room, dining room and kitchen will use all my old bedroom deep red stuff. It will be sparse but I am not interested in covering every surface. I have all those pretty fabrics to use from the interior designer sority chicks sale to use for pillows and wall "art". I have some deep purples and golds to use with it too. According to HGTV, that color scheme might be dated but I'm ok with it lol

Downstairs I am going to buy a new turquoise sofa (yippee!) and put all my beach stuff down there that was in my living room.

I don't have a lot to decorate with. I hope to do the entire house for 1K including Natalie's bed and the sofa. Sam's has a great bed for $300 and the sofa is $399. That leaves $200 plus tax for paint. Hopefully that is enough with my brother's company discount.

Whew that is enough for one night, tomorrow I will have baby pictures and house pictures :)

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