Thursday, April 02, 2009

Still Waiting - sigh

I wish they'd hurry. And this time if the offer is too low, maybe they could actually do a counter? Like a real counter not that fake-o one they gave last week.

Deciding a lot of things about the place even though I don't know if it is mine or not. I fell into this trap with the last foreclosure I tried to buy (had a contract, bought the stuff to fix it then the title fell through and I had to take 5K worth of stuff back to THD - it was BAD!). I did decide on a cottage style bathroom. I like to think of cottage as the poor person's decorating option lol If you buy the bulk of your items used to mix in with "cottage" you then have shabby chic (aka I am working with what I have, isn't it pretty?). I will shabby chic the full hall bath. The wood walls and ceiling will stay but I am going to paint them. I know the crown and ceiling will be white, along with the baseboards. The wall color will be a pastel, something that will go with the floor. The floor is a bit unknown, there is hardwood under the linoleum, but what condition it will be in, well who knows. If it is sound but discolored, I will stain it a dark color. Might even paint it, I've never had painted hardwood but when your are going cheap shabby chic you try new things to save a little cash. I'll need to replace a cabinet above the toilet and replace the sink with a white pedestal one. I'll also need a new fan, 2 wall lights and I'll need to build a shower surround. All that sounds like a lot, but it should run under $500.

ok - enough house daydreaming for now, here are some baby pics....

Going to school - being a stinker...

posing in her consignment sale dress - underwear? hat? same difference!

new pjs - I am really glad I bought lightweight pjs in all sizes. I blink and she has grown out of her old ones. If you luck out, you can get them for $6 or less instead of the regular $18 price.

Playing with blocks 0 we have lots, we need lots more!

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