Monday, April 20, 2009


It is a wee bit yellow :)

What color would you paint this kitchen? Counters are tan and white swirl, floor is gray, tan and white swirl. It is currently yellow. Most of the house is yellow :)

See? Yellow :) The hall is two tone yellow with chair railing too :)

The den :)
Dad's room. The baby's room is identical but one foot shorter. Her room will be repainted a more childlike color (not yellow! :)
My room :) I am thinking lilac :) I've always wanted a lilac room with black furniture and white bedding :)
Dark and rainy day when they took the listing pictures.
The deck :)
The deck :)
Downstairs half bath :)
My bathroom :) Will probably do lilac too. There is a garden tub and a walk in closet :)

Did I mention I bought a house tonight? :)


Kim said...

Wahooo!!! Congrats! Nothing like it! My house was yellow when I bought it too. Needless to say, after 7 years, there is NO yellow whatsoever in my house (except the really pastel yellow in Alina's room)!! The house looks fab!

Kim said...
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girlville said...

yeah! a yellow house!! congrats! our house had a lot of yellow when we bought it. i repainted every single room. our kitchen is blue because i read somewhere that blues and greens made you not eat as much, lol. i have a lavendar room with black furniture as one of our guest rooms. i love it! you should paint your room lilac for sure.

Chani's Mama said...

Yay!! Wow, the condition of the house in the pictures is great! Congrats!!! Somehow I missed this post and saw the one where you drove by the neighborhood. Sounds like it's going to be a perfect fit!

Twice Blessed China Mom said...

Congratulations! Looks lovely! Happy Moving!

Grace said...

Looks great! I would paint the kitchen a burgandy color. I think it would look nice with the lighter color cabinets.

K said...

I love yellow, but a nice sunny PALE shade. I had a lot of trouble picking paint so I hired a consultant and I LOVE the result. I would like to hire her again for my house, but I might be too poor by the time I close. I love the diningroom ceiling! Can you go Italian fresco? I'm afraid I don't know your taste. Lavender sounds lovely.

My house purchase is coming along nicely. I won't stop stressing until I sign, though. I looked at it again today and realized the painters painted over all the hinges on the built-ins and doors. I HATE that. Any suggestions for getting it off? Also, half the doors don't close. It's like the doors shrunk and don't reach the jams enough for the little door knob thing to poke into the frame hole. Other than these small anoyances, I'm falling in love slowly and steadily. I'm also going to have a house-mate - a single mom with two kids. It's a good help for me with the mortgage and a help for her while she transitions from being divorced and living with her parents in less than ideal circumstances, to becoming fully independant. This is a very expensive area to live in so it's great for both of us and the school is .3 miles away and is the 2nd best in town.