Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Cuteness

I don't think I can describe how cute my kid is right now. 2 is a great age, I am not sure where the terrible part is? (ha - just jinxed myself there huh?)

At 26 months she sings whole songs, dances to everything, can recognize several numbers, colors and letters and can express to me when she is hungry, thirsty, needs to go potty or is tired. If she wants something, she just asks....that is SO much easier!

She is having a conversation with herself right now
(holding a blue spoon) That is red (wed) no it pink! snort snort - ok yellow den!
I didn't say she knew ALL her colors lol

She doesn't say no, she says no way mama! Not in a mean way but in a disbelieving sort of way. Kind of like duuude.

If Mickey Mouse comes on tv she flips. Starts screaming his name lol Her little sing song voice when she mimics me sounds like a high pitched donald duck, her second favorite.

She tattles a lot, which is funny now but I hope she grows out of it. This is our nightly conversation:
Kata-wynn pushed me down. Ya, Kata-wynn pushed Nata-nee down. On the ground.
Kata-wynn got time out. Kata-wynn say sorreee!
Presa-lee took my toy. Presa-lee say sorreee!
Ian pooped his pants. (that part kills me..that is all she ever says about him)
Audree have a mommy, miss beee-na (Sabina, her 2nd teacher at daycare)
Nata-nee have a mommy, kimbear-lee!

She took her big bubble bath early and she is all ready for pageant hair tomorrow :)

Happy Sunday to you!


Stephe said...

Awe, that's just too cute. I hope you post a photo of her hair today! I can't wait til G can tell me what she wants! That day will be such a blessing!!! Stephe

RamblingMother said...

too cute. it is a fun age! I am amazed at your frugal-ness and your free stuff from CVS. I tried with the walgreens but I don't need anything. Maybe that is the problem, I have the wrong attitude huh? I am going to watch you closer and learn. I hope you get your house!

Donna said...

Oh, honey! Two is lovely. It's the THREEs that are truly TERRIBLE!!

Donna, why yes, I do have a 3-year-old, why do you ask? ;)