Friday, July 07, 2006


What a day!
First, I got my carseat and it isn't all gray, its gray and blue! I was surprised about the blue but I think its ok. My theory is, get the lesser expensive pattern and get a spare cover if needed...that comes out to the same price as the pink one. The gray is the exact color of my car's interior, yay!

Second, I put the last coat of clear stuff on the nursery floor. All I need to do is quarter round before I start moving furniture on Sunday. So the furniture from the back bedroom goes into the new nursery, the office stuff now in my breakfast nook (that has been here a year because of the living room remodel) goes into the back bedroom and I finally have the master bedroom, nursery & office set up like I've needed. I think once the nook is cleared out I'll mess around with the kitchen. I've already put in tan tile and painted everything white, soon it will be time to add color back and coordinate everything.

Third, today is Walgreens rebate day! Don't forget to pick up your free back heating pads, shampoo and styling product :)

Fourth, we have set the yardsale date on the 15th. We are having it at mom's in her unfinished basement. Its nice having it there because we don't have to worry about weather or setting things up the day of the sale. Tomorrow I am taking a car load of stuff over, I love to see it leave the house. After I clear out the cheapo stuff its time to start ebaying again. It my goal to own almost nothing, I'm tired of things. I can't wait to clear out my closets, I want to toss old stuff that I messed up when I started remodeling the house (I have a lot of t-shirts with paint on them). If its too small/too big, its out too!

And last, is having a sale. Spend $75 and you get free shipping. Get the code off the front page and save $15 off of $60 (stackable). Sign up for their credit card and get a $25 instant credit. You also get a free beach towel with a $50 order. Whew did you catch all that? This is what I bought - 4 patriotic mickey t-shirts for Sept (2 for me, 2 for mom), 15 logo t-shirts (yes 15 - 8 for me (ok that is a lot but they were 3.98 each, tell me where I can get a disney t for 3.98..taking them on the trip!..3 for my mom, 4 for my dad) a stitch beach towel, a nemo beach towel (my office is in a Disney theme, I'll be hanging these on the wall like posters) and a set of bambi lithos (office again). It came out to 97.53 which qualified for free shipping (no tax either for TN which saves another 9.75%) minus the Nemo towel (free promo) and the $15 coupon code, so $73.79. I then applied an old $15 gift card so its $58.79. For those following the promos, with the credit card offer of $25, you'd pay just $48.79. If you have a lot of Disney fans in the house, this is the time to stock up on birthday/Christmas presents.

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