Friday, July 14, 2006

Whew! Friday!

Ok, how did my Friday's become so complicated? This was suppose to be my wind down from a stressful work week. I am remote on a lot of Fridays so that means I'm sitting here in my PJs!

So listen to my "quiet day". Up at 6, yard sale at 7. Fridge shopping at Home Depot after that. Grocery shopping next. Home by 10 to log into my PC for work. Off work at 2:00 today because I don't feel like working overtime (ha take that!) get ready for the evening then off to the mall to meet my friends at 3:30 (don't forget post office first!). The girls have some mall errands to run then off to Applebees for half price appetizer and 2-4-1 drafts. Then we are off to then the Fun Fest parade at 6:00. Parade until 8:30 (we hope not longer than that...the crap we do for a free tshirt). Pirates at 9:30 then out at midnight. Home at midnght:15 then sweet sweet sleep!

People tell me this is great practice for the baby, I just need to tie a wet 20 pound bag of potatoes to my back and blast my ear with an air horn every 3 minutes.

So I really started thinking about scheduling and what I'm doing right and wrong. I feel like more remote time would help (save an hour in commuting, save $5-10 in lunch and snacks) and instead of taking occasional social breaks I'll be tossing in loads of laundry. Food is another issue I've not given a lot of thought to. I eat now about half the time out and half the time here. I don't think there is anything wrong with a sandwich for dinner and that there doesn't need to be 7 courses a night. I think I'd rather serve turkey on wheat, give her a piece of cantaloupe and some carrot sticks than going the processed food route. I've also read lots of posts from people that cook one time a month and freeze it all. I am not organized enough for that sort of thing but I think I need to be. So I guess my quest for the weekend to read into this cooking in batches idea to see if it could work for me :)

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