Saturday, July 01, 2006

Babies, Tomatoes & Cars!

Ok, I really have been productive today, I promise. Yes I've spent a ton of time online but I've been cleaning while catching up on all my reads. You see, yesterday was the end of all my projects at work. I have just a few small things to do on Monday then things can get back to normal. I've been just a little stressed so I guess its ok to take a day and do nothing?

I got word that Miss Kendall has made her appearance. Isn't she cute?

I did a little bit of deck gardening today. Look at how big my plants have gotten, there are 11 tomatoes on them! :) Not too shabby for a used free bucket, $2 of plants and $2 of dirt :) unfortunately I put the dog kennel next to them during a bad storm for support and they have grown into it. It guess that is a redneck tomato cage to the extreme?

I've also decided to buy a new car. I currently have a 2000 Elantra and I am going to buy a new one in 3-4 years after I've saved up the money. This has been the best car in the world, its peppy, gets 30 MPG when I drive like a maniac (33 when I'm good)and has all the features I need. Did I mention my insurance for it is $18 a month? My mom and I went to the dealer and they had one with an automatic transmission for $11900 (she is thinking about moving to a smaller car). I want a 5 speed and I get an extra rebate because I already own one, so I am looking maybe $12,000 including tax minus my trade in (which I know won't be a ton but I keep cars pretty long so its OK). Everyone is like get a van you are getting a kid. I am getting A kid, not 7. She'll be just fine in the back seat with her sister. I wouldn't move up to a larger car unless I had more than 2 kids. Hehe if I had more than 2 kids, I wouldn't be able to AFFORD a big huge car so it all works out :) It is shown in black, I will more than likely buy another white one, thats my fav color on a sedan.

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Disney loving Frugal Mom said...

Thanks for the comment in my blog. I needed that this morning as I woke up to a messy house again.

Lucky girl going to Disney. I loved it and can't wait till I can go back. If you have not checked out this site do so. Lots of great info in the message boards.

Also if you have any questions I would be happy to help.

We stayed at Pop Century and loved it. Of course all paid in full before we left.

Love the plants. I have 2 tomatoes and one is doing great. The other well could use some help. Just wish those puppies would turn green so I can eat them.