Monday, July 03, 2006

Car Seat

Today I was very mature.
Today I bought a car seat.
No its not pink altho I did spend some time yesterday petting the pink one at Babies-R-Us.
Its gray, the color of my backseat. Everyone keeps telling me that I'd cry the first time the baby puked on her pretty pink car seat.
So it's gray.
Gray is ok..I guess.
One of the reasons I got this particular one, is its a step up from the pink one (Decathlon compared to Marathon)and it was $219 total instead of $305.
Before you say that's an insane amount to pay on a car seat, let me stop you. You don't buy cheap car seats. It kills me to see Graco car seats in Mercedes. Just say no to Graco...mothers against cheap plastic crap, unite!
But back to my point...the whole pink thing. If she never pukes on it, I'm going to be mad, like park ape mad (My fav APC quote - thanks Mary!)

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