Monday, July 10, 2006

A bad day for the Nov DTC group

I am sad (and horrified and just sick) to say that someone in our DTC group was rejected last Friday and just found out about it today. Its about a medical issue that was 100% cleared up several years ago and its such a non issue now. I can't imagine how they feel right now :( I'm really sorry :(

There are several other rumors floating around that China is going to start using BMI for parents and whether they will grandfather those who are LID already or not. I would *think* they'd wait with next adoption cycle which starts on Dec 1 because that is right around the corner.

But regardless, here is my next purchase. I am spending $37 a month for the Y and not using it. I don't want to shower there before work and a lot of times I have to work from home at night. So its the same $ OOP in a year but I can walk on it in the morning before work. BMI- take that!

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Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

I know I was upset too by seeing someone getting rejected in our group as well.