Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Baby :)

Some of you know about my eyes and the fact I can't see. It wasn't a torn retina and they believe its either a tumor or too much spinal fluid in my brain pressing on my eyes. I feel like its the last one because I fit the profile, overweight, female and still pretty young (I can call 31 young right?). Anyway, basically I can't see, can't walk straight and have a headache so bad I feel like I'm going to puke. The other reason I don't think its a tumor is because I had a MRI on Thursday and I feel like if I had something wrong like that, they would of called me back into the doc on Friday.
Ok so on to fun things. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself Thursday afternoon and I have been spending a lot of time at my dad's house. When I came home, my tomatoes had fallen over and were all shriveled up. So of course that set me off, poor me, can't see, my head hurts and I don't even have tomatoes. I went out to water them and I heard a "thunk" "screech". My first thought was one of my outdoor cats had been hit by a car. I finally figured the sound was coming from a small ditch area on the other side of my retaining wall. What I found was a kitten just 3 or 4 weeks old!
At first I thought I should just leave him alone but on closer inspection, he was covered in fleas. I thought he was a calico he was so dirty. I knew that if I took care of his filth that his mom wouldn't take care of him anymore. But my goal for 2006 is to fix all the ferral cats in my neighborhood so I won't keep finding kittens (see I want to keep them and even at the reduced fees clinic, its several hundred dollars to get everyone fixed). So I made the decision to take the kitten now and tame him so he would have the chance of having a home where he would be loved on and fed.
So I took him inside and started washing him with baby shampoo. The blood poured off of him from all the flea eggs. He wouldn't even suds up in the beginning. I felt so bad for him, I knew he was just miserable. It took two baths to get him presentable and he actually turned white :)
So here I am, cat #8 in my hands. I made the decision to take him to Petsmart to give him to the no kill group and pay for his fixing and shots. When I got there they were too full of kittens to be able to bottle feed one. One of the people working there showed me how to bottle feed him and the next thing I knew, I had 8 cats. Who on earth could give up a kitten that they had bottle fed?
So kitty 8 (unnamed at this post) gets daily fleabaths which he loves (he likes the warm water and the hair dryer) and gets 6 teeny bottles a day. He eats a little more than the chart says he should but I think he was dehydrated, he didn't have a scruff and you could see his ribs. I am happy to say he is now a rotten roly poly who likes to crouch on my stomach, take a flying leap and land on my face. If I'm lucky he'll chose to bit my nose (which doesn't hurt) but normally its my lip (ouch!). He has quite a set up, most the time he is on me somewhere but he also has a very posh pad in the bathtub. He loves this particular rug and likes to hop around on it. He also has 2 bunnies which I rotate out that he'll just lay on, kick with his back legs then come back a lick to say he's sorry.
So here is my new baby :)

Who the heck are you and why am I in a pot?

My big belly


Die bunny die!

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