Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy News!

I got a quite a bit off track because of the second beach trip and the Disney trip, but I set up the second and last CD that I need for travel. I have $1,000 of my travel money in escrow with Remax on the junker house but I'll get that back if it falls through. So I guess I'm done? I want to take some money to buy things with, I really really want a set of salt water pearls in about a 20" length. That would be $800 here and its just $100 in China. If that is the only thing I buy while I am there, I will be a happy happy girl.

I put the CD into a 9 month special for 5.55%. It runs until the end of March which is pressing my luck. My goal is to not get into either of those CDs and use them for the first part of DD#2's adoption and save another $7500 for the travel portion.

Plus the interest from the CDs do help towards the new trop $, its a little over $350 a year. I know there are better ways to max out my interest but this is my baby don't touch risky investments with baby money!

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