Saturday, July 08, 2006


What exactly is today's definition of frugal? Is it the people that save their empty Wal-Mart bags to make topiaries for Christmas celebrations or the people that just plain old behave with their money?
The reason I question this, is I've considered myself frugal for a good 5 years. My everyday living is pretty simple most days. I'd rather buy something new that will last instead of buying 4 used versions. I have a limit on clothes, $15 for tops, $40 for pants (jeans are expensive!) and I own 3 pairs of shoes. I only buy purses when I need them. Heck people, I made my own detergent first because of allergies, second because its 2.5 cents a load. That alone should get me a gold star!
So heres the thing that makes me question if I am frugal... the amount of stuff I have bought for the baby. Keep in mind, I've not paid full price for a single item I've bought her. Books come from TJ Maxx, clothes from various sources (yards sales or 75% off sales), even her bedding was half off through ebay and Pottery Barn clearance. But yet people I know say I'm not frugal because I didn't carve a carseat out of a block of wood then knit a cover for it. I counter- quality is frugal in the long run. A co-worker told me I had spent too much on my carseat that his kids did great in a $50 seat. First of all, and I've said this before, you don't mess around with car seats. You buy the Cadillac of car seats for your Hyundai. You just do. I don't understand the concept of buying an infant seat, regular seat then booster seat. My little girl will use her seat up to 65 pounds. One piece of quality, not three pieces of substandard equipment. That my friends makes me frugal!

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