Thursday, January 15, 2009


Disney on Ice is coming and we have tickets!

I still have a job! (for today, we are being sold)

The baby's first pillowcase dress came in :)

I'm going to scrunch up the sides some.

My kid is weird...

Just think of the pocketbook as a new kind of halter top

The market stinks! (ok not a yippee but what can you do? Not going to worry about it all of 2009!)

I found out if I do lose my job Natalie qualifies for healthcare and WIC - yipppee! (this is my biggest concern. I can always find money - whether I sell stuff, make stuff yada ya but if she gets sick that would worry me)

My house is on target to list March 1st!

Natalie's initial shirts are done! I can't wait to trim out her capris for summer and make hairbows!

I am addicted to Etsy! I've bought two dresses and two shirts. Stop the madness! I'm loosing my job soon! eeeck!

I have two jobs to apply for!

I am learning to sew so I can make pillowcase dresses too. They sell for about $10 each, so small profit but not a ton of effort either. This will supplement unemployment for a bit.

This weekend we are going to Tia's birthday party. Can't tell what I bought her because her mama reads my blog every so often. But it is something Natalie loves so hope she likes it :)

This weekend I am collecting a ton of kid's stuff for the spring sale. My goal is to take 200 things. I know 200 sounds like a lot but I think it can be done. I have several pieces of maternity clothes to take in, lots of toys, clothes and hair bows.

I am undecided. Would you take in a pack and play and an exersaucer? If I am lucky enough to adopt again, I'll need those things. But they take up so much space. I guess I could buy another set used when the time came? What do you think?

Ok that is plenty for one night, bye!


Carl said...

Now I know Citi is nuts ... I have never been able to figure out why companies sell their credit card divisions ... after all they are licenses to steal.

Kim said...

Yup and the RPL accounts keep the bankcard account afloat.