Friday, January 16, 2009

Cashing Out Points and Planning My Garden

I decided to cash out all my credit card points tonight. I am not saying the program will end, it just seems like every few months you have to spend more points to get the same goody. So I cashed out 28,000 points and got $150 in visa cards that are good anywhere and $50 in Sunoco cards for gas.

I am going to plant a deck garden this year (as part of my holy crap I might lose my job thing). I swear, the Burpee catalog makes me drool.

Tomato Yellow Pear
HEIRLOOM. Enormous number of yellow bite-sized fruits.
This extremely old variety makes a vigorous plant, which bears enormous numbers of bright yellow, bite-sized fruit. The flavor is deliciously tangy. Perfect for summer party hors d'oeuvres.
75 days.

Mesclun Sweet Salad Mix
Customer Favorite
Beautiful blend of Heirloom greens.
A tender, mild flavored blend of leaf veggies for early spring salads. Mouth watering, time-tested heirloom varieties in red (Ruby lettuce, Bull's Blood beet) and bright green (Bloomsdale spinach, Simpson lettuce, Tendergreen mustard). Plant them and then pick them all together, starting when the leaves are about 3" long. As beautiful in the garden as they are sweet in the salad bowl. 35 days. Full sun. Burpee Exclusive.

We have about 25 linear feet that I can line up containers on to grow organic lettuce, grape tomatoes and maybe even green beans on the trellis thing we have out there. At my Mom's we are going to redneck up her two story deck and let more green beans climb strings. I figure the more I grow, the less I have to buy :)

The baby's picture CD came in from her Dec photo shoot. I can't wait to get it, I'll post the pictures tomorrow :)

Bye for now!

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