Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow!!! and Party Pictures!!!

Well it did snow and it has all day long. That is a rare thing here in TN now, that whole global warming thing knocks us out of getting much snow. We might get --- wait for it---- and inch to TWO inches! Of course, everything is shut down. They are plowing the non existent snow on the roads (you can see sparks). They'll probably close school for a month or two, just to make sure there isn't any moisture near any paved surface.

We had chili today, yum yum!

Tia's 2nd birthday party was on Saturday. Natalie's party is on the 1st :)

The fact we have both of them looking the same direction at the same time is amazing!

Waiting for cake

Party hard, sleep hard!
I am going to do a lunch at Mom's for Natalie's party. I am going to make meatballs, those little ham sandwiches with poppy seeds, deviled eggs, a pizza bread thing, fruit, chips, cake & ice cream. It is going to be an Elmo theme, the cake is going to be a two layer thing with white frosting and red polka dots. I am on the hunt for an Elmo candle now :)

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Elisa ( FC Monsters) said...

2 inches of snow and everythings closed wow..!
This year is gonna big a big year for snow again here in Montreal just like last year..I have had enough of it already!