Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!

(someone woke up at 1am and wouldn't go back to sleep)

2009 is going to be a different year for us. We'll be saving (ok, I've done that before) will be taking just one trip (eeeeeeck!!!) and not buying a whole lot of anything no matter how cheap it is (sniff sniff). The result will land us in a fabulous new house sometime in 2010. I've decided to be good, not worry about a car, and not complain about the condo anymore (look at me being good! lol) This is also the year I reform my packrat ways. I'm a fan of buying things super cheap in bulk and using it over time. No more, I'll buy just enough for what we need within reason. I'm also going to make a serious effort to find alternatives for things I need. I used to be SO good at that, it is how I paid off the first house so quickly. Example? I need small containers to organize our closet. They are cheap, about $1 each and I need 30 of them easy to organize my scrapbooking stuff, jewelry making supplies and hairbow supplies. Instead of spending that money, I am using...drumroll please.... the containers from my organic lettuce. The container of lettuce is $7 and I'll be buying one a week. It is large, sturdy, clear and has a nice fastening lid. It's nice to take that dollar I would of spent on a shoebox container off the price of my lettuce. Plus you have that whole recycling thing going on, not using oil on new plastic yada ya. And... I've been super slacker girl when its come to my CVS and Walgreens freebies. Did you know I BOUGHT shampoo the other day? I paid $4 for shampoo - $4 isn't going to break me by any means but I've not paid real money for shampoo in like 6 years. I was a little disappointed in me lol

So to summarize
Kim is going to be frugal again.
Kim is going to stop complaining about the condo (poor me, I have two places to live...ya I'll stop now before you hurt me).
Kim is going to reuse and find alternatives as much as possible.
Kim is going to be re-crowned CVS queen.
Kim is going to take just one trip (weeping) and not complain about not taking other trips. It's just one year, staying in town won't kill me.
Kim is going to take better care of her car this year.

Bye for now! Happy New Year!


chinamom said...

Is that one trip our trip to Florida??? Just checking.... if it is, we vow to make it seem like three trips in one!!! LOL!

jeannine and sophie

Kim said...

It is our trip! I am so excited, the promo will come out the first week of March :)

K said...

I'd like to join you in becoming frugal again, too. I'm a pro at it, but fell out of it as I went wild buying baby things for my future daughter.

I tried getting financing for a home and couldn't, so I'm trying to come with a future home-buying plan, too.

Beverly said...

she looks so tired, poor baby.