Saturday, January 24, 2009

More baby Loot

And I wonder why I have $60 to last until the end of the month? lol

There is a new law going into effect in Feb, requiring all sellers of kid's stuff to have their things lead tested. Well, that costs about $1000 so people online are clearance-ing out their stuff.

I got four more pillowcase dresses for the baby for a little over $16 shipped total. I like these because they are dresses now, then they'll be tops with capris later on. They are "grow" clothes and I think they are cute.

I was really disappointed with the owl dress I got. It was sewn inside out and the embroidery was crooked. I'm not sure what I'll end up doing about that, it isn't like I can take it apart and fix it, her name will be backwards.

We spent a lot of time at the house today. I cleared out a lot of clutter and added to my yardsale pile. What doesn't sell at my sale will go into the MOD one at work. I also brought most of my treasures to the condo. If something happened to the house I wanted to have the few things I'd truly miss here with me. There are a lot of little things from China (like my embroidery and the little wooden red dolls) and my seashells from all over the Caribbean. I also grabbed my summer clothes and a few winter pieces I just forgot I had.

Forgetfulness is standard with me, I totally forget I own things all the time. I am super bad about forgetting gift cards too. I found a $5 Walgreen's one and a $24 Belk one today. Last week I found another Walgreens for $20something and a $13 gas one. But I brought over 8 trash bags full of stuff that I am sorting and organizing in the closet and it is all working out. I love having a little drawer for each holiday. Need Christmas ribbon? Top drawer. Need generic ribbon? Middle drawer. Need Halloween paper plates? Third drawer. Tada!

That is it for now, I have several more pages of Etsy to scroll through. I am just adding stuff to my favorites. If its meant to be mine, it will be there on Feb 1st when I "pay" myself again.


Amanda said...

I think the law has been revamped to exclude places that re-sell items. Places like Once upon a child, Goodwill, thrift stores, yard sales,etc.
It said domestic manufactures and importers will have to test. I know this has eased the minds of many with kids! Not sure how this will effect those who make things to sell. I don't even know if my argument is valid, but I thought I'd share.

Kim said...

Ya, I think Goodwill and stuff is ok, but the people making new items on Etsy are totally screwed. Their stuff is suppose to be new. I think the law is a good idea, but I think it's a little out of control you know? It is going to drive up the price of kid's stuff for sure.