Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby Loot :)

Let's go to bed Natalie. NO!

Come on, let's go. NO!

You are tired and cranky, let's go to bed. NO!

5 minutes later lol

Went to Knoxville yesterday and blew some gift money on goodies for the baby. I was mostly looking for inexpensive items for next winter.

CP velvet top - $4.99
CP - $4.99
CP - $4.99
Gymbo - $5.99
Her Christmas dress for next year, Gymbo - $11.99

Disney Store - $5.99

And boy did we eat. I think every pound I've lost since Christmas is firmly back on my butt. We did Chinese for lunch which was really good. But then we found a Japanese buffet for dinner. I had never heard of a Japanese buffet before. They advertised crab and made to order sushi. So we went. Holy cow was it good. The crab was cold and lightly seasoned with something and it was just so good. I don't think I've ever had big king crab cluster cold like that. The sushi was pretty good too. My favorites, like spicy snapper, was really good. The most unusual was a California roll made with thin cucumber instead of a seaweed wrapper. OOH and the seaweed salad. That is one of my favorite things and it was on the buffet. It's normally $5 buck for a little scoop and they were letting us get as much as we wanted? Yipppee!

I have discovered Etsy and I can't stop from browsing. For my first purchase, I put in a request and had 10 people bid on it very quickly. I rejected 4 right away due to the quality of the items in the their store, or them offering the item at 4 times what I was going to pay ($10). But I think I picked the right seller, I would buy every item in her store. She used the type of fabrics I liked and her designs were cute! So now I have two shirts coming in the mail for the baby, both initial shirts. I saw Rose and Marie's the other day and I've been suffering from cute kid clothing jealousy. So my etsy lady is going to make a lime green and turquoise "N" on a white short sleeved shirt for summer, and another one for winter in a long sleeved (different print). I am also getting two three inch long slivers of matching fabric. 3 inches doesn't sound like a lot, but it is plenty to trim out a pair of capris or a skirt to complete my "boutique" look. It is also enough to make hairbows :)

Here is some baby love to go - bye for now!

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