Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Update long & boring - sorry!

(look at this cute picture from the day we landed, Dec 22, 2007)

So on to the depressing stuff...

This week was stressful. They are letting go 10,000 people this year and an additional 60,000 next year. That is 15-20% of the workforce. Our health insurance went up $50 for a worse policy and I no longer can buy a huge group life insurance policy. They took away one vacation day and our tuition reimbursement was cut to $3,000 (plus you have to work an additional 12 months after you complete the last class they paid for or they want it back). I can only take 2-3 classes now for the masters I was sorta kinda thinking about.

Let's see...the market stinks too. My house down payment, car $ and kiddo #2 money is sort of trapped.

But not to be a total downer, I got a $255 refund on our cruise because the price dropped. Also, the sewer line was dug this week. The estimates were really high as much as $2200. This guy wanted $65 per hour for bobcat work and they even laid the pipe in the ditch for us. They also dug a ditch to bury the back gutters too. $650 later, all that needs to be done is connect the new PVC pipe coming into the house to the main connection in my basement. There are a few connections that need to be rerouted but really, that ditch through rock hard clay being dug is the hard part. So for under $1,000 I'll have the house connected to sewer - woohoo!

Also figured it would cost $700 to add a half bath to my house in the hallway next to my bedroom. There wouldn't be a circular floorplan anymore, but I'd also be able to move the fridge in the kitchen and create a work area for a computer. I am not to hopeful that we'll all move back in, but I guess I can daydream right? It would at least help sell the place faster.

I started my budget again. I've been just coasting along since July. My month starts on the 15th and this is my budget (keep in mind this is after insurance, daycare and 401K)

160 - groceries
30 - eating out
50 - cats
75 - baby loot
50- gas
5 - walgreens (for the monthly freebies)
15 - CVS (I need to start these back)
220- heloc (more than min)
250 - Dad
200 - utilities
38 - car and house insurance
54 - taxes
100 - vacations
253 - misc
500 - savings (I have all my "eggs" in one basket, I am trying to set up a non stock emergency fund)

So there you have it! I am probably going to cancel three of the cruises below and get the $1250 back in deposits I have paid. I feel like since Carnival (the bulk of my stock) screwed me when they announced no 2009 dividend so I don't feel the loyalty right know you know? I have one large dividend check coming in Dec that will pay for the sewer line and almost all of the half bath.

Cleared out my basement today, its crazy the amount of stuff I own! Will have lots and lots to add to the yardsales!

Ok, so here are some pictures from the week...

Her hair is long enough for dual ponies now :) She wouldn't pose for me.
"Working" on Mama's computer :)

I thought this was cute, she colors on his lap :)

Poor neglected baby doll. Bought her in 1996 and her box was crushed along the way. She is a Cabbage Patch water baby, you can see the tiny hole in her foot to drain out water. Natalie has no interest in her at all.

Dressed for church in her clothes from my cousin.

Ok that is it for now, lets hope next week is a good week!


Julie said...

Sorry to hear about the job cuts at your company, it is rough.

On the flip side your little sweetie is super cute as ever.

Beverly said...

$50 a month in gas is exceptional. sorry about the financial cut backs. cute nat pics.

Kim said...

Ya, I am 16 miles RT from work now and my car gets 30 MPG with high octane gas. Even though I didn't pay a lot to begin with, it is nice to be paying half of what I was in gas just a month ago!