Saturday, November 22, 2008

A day of photos

She was so good getting ready for pictures this morning. She let me curl her hair with a curling iron and didn't complain when I teased and sprayed her pigtails :)

I took her to Olan Mills in her PJs so I could change her there and her little outfit wouldn't be wrinkled. My Dad bought a certificate for $12, one 16 X something, 1 8X10, 3 5x7 and 9 wallets. I paid an additional $6 for "handling". I think the girl was disapointed when I didn't buy the $77 package because most of the poses were CUTE. Instead, I choose my favorite where she is loving on bobo and I bought another certificate. I kept thinking for the same $ I could come back 4 separate times in different outfits and I'd end up with twice the pictures.

So here she is right before we left. She was in a fantastic mood!

I'll post her photo when I get them on the 20th, which is our next appointment :)

We went to TJ Maxx to look around and Carla called. They were at the toy store 5 doors down. It is a great little store, high end stuff that you can't normally find at places like Walmart. Natalie really had a good time with the train table, I am going to try to find one for her at a good price.

So after the toy store we went to Chilis and we had a burger. The baby ate her weight in salsa.

After lunch we headed to the Christmas parade. It was COLD. Cold means different things for different people. Live in FL? Time to bring out the winter coats when it hits 50. In TN, cold is about 20. And I think it was that today plus there was a light breeze making it that much worse. I didn't plan out the day well enough we didn't have enough cold weather gear. Good thing her Christmas outfit has a hat or she would of turned 4 shades of blue.

She got really tickled when I put her on my shoulders. They were tossing out treats and I got hit upside the head by a honey bun. An inch over and I would of had a black eye and what an embarrasing way to get it.

Laughing on my shoulders (see the dreary sky?)

Waiting for Santa with my peeps. Dummy me borrowed the truck and I didn't have my stroller. (Did I mention that my only goal of the day was to take in my child for pictures without being wrinkled or snotty with hair curled? Really by 11am I could of called it a day, a very good day!)

Mama in her stylin hat that Santa threw her. It was donated by CSX and says "Keep on Living" because "Hey dumb@ss when the bars come down on the road, the lights blink and sometimes beep at you, stop your car so you don't hit by a train" wouldn't fit.

Waving at Santa!

A fun day, we are pooped!


Kim said...

OMG! Nat gets cuter by the day! How can you stand it??!! Looks like you guys are having fun! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Proud Mama to Alina Jean..the kutest kid in Kazakhstan!

Kim said...

Hey Kim! I tried your email button on the profile page and I get an error message. Email me so I will have your address and we'll talk about the Kaz process!

Proud Mama to Alina Jean...the kutest kid in Kazakhstan!!!

chinamom said...

I am soooooo envious of Natalie's hair! I'm lucky if I can get a quarter of Sophie's hair into piggy tails - it's so short that she always has a curtain of hair along the back that doesn't fit into the elastic.... sigh....


Steve and Alese said...

What a fun day it looks like everyone had. Natalie is such a beautiful girl.