Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

This week was SO BUSY! Monday was normal, Tuesday I was at Harrahs, Wednesday I made it late to work and didn't catch up. I also early voted on Wednesday (had to wait in line for 45 minutes to vote!). Thursday was Natalie's adoption group playdate. We had 10 little girls there, all dressed up.We did a treat hunt, sort of like an egg hunt and Natalie got some really cute stuff!

Then daycare sent her home with a bag of stuff on Thursday. Like a whole Wal-mart bag full of stuff.

On Friday she wore her yard sale Halloween shirt, it was really cute :)

(she let me braid her hair on top then the sides are all twisted up. Her "do" lasted about 2 hours.

Friday was also my last Junior Achievement class. Those kids were so sweet and cute as anything. When they came in the room they'd cheer that we were there and they remembered everything we told them. They invited us to their Halloween party and it was pretty nice. I don't remember having parties like that when I was 9, the room moms went all out (jn fact we didn't have the room mom thing back then). Tons of food and treats!

Some people dressed up at work too:
(Carla is on the left, she is Tia's mommy)

(some of our head honchos)Robert being silly

Then Friday night we went to Trunk or Treat at my Mom's church. Last year they had 1800 kids. We went to about 50 cars. Natalie was so slow but she figured out if she was cute then she'd get TWO pieces of candy. Plus she was a superstar at one SUV:

We ate at a little mom and pop type place down from my Mom's for dinner. One Elmo video later and our Halloween is over. I hope you had a fun day too!

(check out the haul! add 15 little bags of pretzels and cookies to all of this)

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Steve and Alese said...

It looks like Natalie had a Happy Halloween. She is so cute. I can see the adults did too. I love this time of year, especially seeing all the kids in their costumes. The trunk and treating is a blast too. Kailee really enjoyed that this year.