Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Update

Work: had a call today assuring us that we weren't anywhere near bankruptcy no matter what we read online. We were also assured that there wasn't someone lurking behind the scenes to take us over. First, someone has to have the cash and all the other banks just don't have that much to spare. Two, it has to be approved by the feds. So anyway, regardless if what he said was true, it made me feel a little better. I've been a wee bit stressed about it all.

Stocks: blah boo! hiss! just kidding. Slowly coming up. Like my LID is 04/01/07 and I'm waiting for my referral (boy don't I wish i was logged in again!).

Christmas: I put the kitchen together in 3 hours. Sucker weighs a ton, I think I could tap dance on it and not hurt it. It is CUTE CUTE CUTE! I have it in the living room with a comforter over it. She touched it once and I told her to stop it and she just walked away. She has no desire to lift the edge and peek. I bet this is the last year I can get away with that :)

Fun stuff:
  • Made 5 pairs of hairbows :) Red and white curlies, orange and white curlies, red polka dot curly and white loops, turquoise loops with buttons and big fat shiney black ones.
  • Tomorrow is picture day! Carla gave me the cutest Christmas dress, it has a hat and slippers with it :) I am also taking her Elmo outfit with me. The lady at Olan Mills said I could change her clothes halfway through. I get one small package free (8 X 10, a couple 5 XX 7 and some wallets) and I am not sure how much extra sheets are. Hopefully n ot too much, I'd like to get a small picture package in each outfit.
  • New PJs are always fun!
  • Braids!

  • Walking in mommy's shoes is always fun. If I don't have something on my feet she'll throw these shoes at my bare feet (ouch) and yell, mommy! ewe shoes!

  • Made $10 doing the posts below while I was waiting for scooter to take a nap so I could go to work (daycare was closed).
That is it for now, see ya!

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