Sunday, November 30, 2008

A deal and an update

Ok, I know I am really late in posting this but Lane Bryant has BOGO on everything, with free shipping and you can use your $25/50/75 coupons too.

Soooooo I got 6 pairs of jeans, 4 bras, 2 camis, 1 cocktail dress and a set of PJs for $171, including tax. This sale ends today, so hurry if you need something.

I am starting a diet right after the cruise so I bought the jeans in three sizes. My cocktail dress is 2 sizes smaller, I am using it as my incentive :) I have a lot of weight to lose this year!

The baby has just been amazing me with her verbal skills this weekend. She asked for fruit chewies several times and asked for several other things like milk, apple juice, toast etc in a very clear voice. It was just a little "Mommy? Apple juice please mommy" and a "thank you" when she gets it :) While I was packing Dad's clothes, she started counting and went all the way to 8! I was like umm huh?? do that again in front of Dad and she did! I can't take any credit, it has to be preschool.

Poor Wookie, he has been sticking to us like glue. He knows we are going somewhere without him (again).

I am 90% packed for the trip. I really thought 2-50 pound cases would be enough. But once I started putting in 11 days of diapers and wipes, sippies, blankets, clothes shoes..sheez. We have a ton of bath stuff too since we'll be gone for so long. Like 5 sunscreens, I figure I have to cover 33 days (11 X 3 people) with 5 of them, that really seems like too little because it is the spray on kind. Between all of us, we have 100 pounds of checked luggage and another 60 in our carry ons easy. 160+ pounds for 11 days. Seems like I could do better but every time I think to take something out, I remember a past event that justifies it being packed. So we'll lug our super heavy luggage to the airport and I'll remember that almost a whole checked case will be used up over the 11 days it won't be so bad coming back :)

I booked our post cruise hotel last night. I had a hard time commiting to a place because it didn't seem like the ones on the beach were very nice. So I chose one that was across the street with a walkway (you can see which "secret" hotel you will win with your bid by going to packages and matching up amenities). For $113, we are staying at our first Crowne Plaza :)

Ok that is it for now, going to bed early so I can go into work early to make up for leaving early on Friday. Woohoooo we leave Friday!


Carl said...

I don't know if you have enough time .. but you can send a box ahead via UPS to save luggage fees ... and be careful of the spray on sunscreen. It lasts maybe an hour especially if you have it in your pocket and sit on it. And it feels horrible (at least the coppertone did)

Have fun!

Steve and Alese said...

I hope you all have a great trip and can't wait to see some pics.

Elisa ( FC Monsters) said...

Have a wonderful trip, how exciting!

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

Good luck on your new healthy lifestyle! Losing weight can be tough...I lost 92 lbs over 10 years ago-every day is a struggle, but I have manage to keep all but 20 lbs off! (I got too thin-actually...and I just had surgery where I was on bed rest basically for two months! Anyhoo-good luck...and enjoy your cruise!