Tuesday, November 04, 2008

YaY for Freebies

Have you ever dumpster dived? I've never actually taken anything out of a dumpster but I have snagged things from next to the dumpster.

When you live in a condo complex (and sort of expensive condos at that) when someone leaves something at the dumpster you really take notice. Check out what I brought home...

Why Kim did you really find an ellipitical machine at the dumpster? Why yes I did. And it weighs like 100 pounds. Now I can lift 100 pounds but to carry it across the parking lot, get it in the elevator and into the condo.....well I was sort of successful. I made it to the sidewalk before some internal organ exploded. I then wiggled it back and forth and made it into the elevator. I then leaned backwards and drug that thing to the door. Then I called for reinforcements, it took two of us to get through the door.

So I get on it. Holy cow. First time I have ever been on one of those things. I do not have the best balance in the world. I've been known to trip while standing still. So I made it about a minute before I almost fell off. Soooooo I'll just get on it 10-20 times a night a minute at a time until I get the hang of it.

The machine looks great, like new except for a little sticker peeling on the side. It doesn't get fantastic reviews because it is manual and if you hit high speeds then it will rock. Well, I won't have that issue, I take like 5 steps a minute lol

The retail on my new toy is about $200, it was sold at Sears. I am a happy camper! :)

So on to the baby, I am not sure why I buy her so many toys? She played with this box for an hour lol

And regardless of what happens at least TN is the right color - woohhoo!

And two kitties for the road...

night night!


Elissa said...

TX was the right color too... oh well, we did our part :)

I haven't checked in on you guys in a while so it was good to read your updates and see that Miss Natalie continues to be SUCH a doll!

Beverly said...

score! Yes and AR came in red too!! So happy, So happy for that anyway. Love the LOL cats!