Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me :)

34? How did I get to be 34 already? Yikes!

Scooter went to Mom's to spend the night and Chelle and I (and G-ma!) went to Harrahs in Cherokee NC. I didn't win big (lost a ton) but it was a lot of fun :)

Dad bought me a new camera :)

I'd always been a Kodak girl because my Dad sorta worked for them, but at $119 and 8 MP and being able to take a picture every 1.5 seconds totally won me over (its red too... can't leave that important fact out!). I don't want to say my last Kodak camera was a bad one, I do think when Natalie slammed it into the ground that it didn't help. Plus it was handled roughly in China. So rest in peace Kodak camera that takes one picture every 7 seconds.

A few pictures from the trip...

If you yell pretty pony the neighbor's horses always come to the fence :)
The pond that goes with the estate that is across the "road" from the horses.

And their alpacas (or lamas?)

What could be on the end of our tunnel?

look you see it?
SNOW! Yippee!

Maggie Valley

Pretty tree in Maggie Valley. This is what I expected to see, not snow!

3 inches easy on the mountain between Maggie Valley and Cherokee.

We are here!

lots of neat statues

creek under the walkway to the casino

Casino floor

won 52.14! (I lost it tho lol)

lost that too lol

Ate two really good meals in the hotel too, a lunch buffet with corned beef and red cabbage and a break buffet with fantastic bacon..mmmm......bacon.

Bye for now!

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Steve and Alese said...

Don't you just love those birthday's. I said the same thing when I turned 34 last March.

Well it looks like you had a great birthday anyway and what a way to celebrate. I love all of your photos. They are beautiful.