Friday, October 03, 2008

Ahhh a little peace...

From my phone - Go Vols!

From my phone last week - I was like wooohoooo!

From my phone, Burger King last week

Gas at 4.99 (d0n't you love camera phones?)

The new schedule....

First day, she got a time out in the morning after I wouldn't let her wear something from the dirty clothes hamper. She threw herself to the ground a pitched a good fit. Dropped her off at school where she threw crayons across the room. Nice. Our evening went better and I only had 15 minutes of whining/crying/complaining at bedtime (I go in every 3 minutes or so...if she were upset I wouldn't leave, but she is mad!).

And today you ask? Well so far, so good! The morning went really well. We are about 15 minutes off the schedule but it is working well. Our real test will be this weekend when she has lunch at 11:30 and a nap at 12:30 for 2 hours.

Tomorrow is our yard sale! I have 20 or so big containers priced, it is a combo of my stuff and Dad's stuff. I'd love love love to sell half of it! I am giving myself until next spring to de-loot both the house and the condo, but this saletime was unexpected so it's like I get a bonus round of "Sell Your Crap"!

Today was Michelle's 10 year anny at work (not Chelle but a different person) . We had lunch and went to the Fossil Site. Now ok, I know that in 2001, I had just moved back to town and I was busy going to school, working and being broke. I did not know that a bulldozer took the top off a hill for a road and dug up an elephant pelvis bone.

How weird is that? In the mountains of TN, we had elephants, camels, red pandas and rhinos. This site is a 5 acre plot and they need to dig about 100 feet to reach the bottom of the sticky dark layer (can't think of the name) to reach the good bones. They are 6 feet into it, in a very small area, about the size of a two car garage.

I think this was a Rhino
This was a new species of Red Panda...people from China came over to check it out. It is suppose to be the most complete skeleton of one.

the big rhino head


hhmmm don't remember
big alligator
main exhibit
a cat like critter, closer to a cheeta than a sabertooth
On black friday I am going to buy a little camera to slip into my purse. The phone just doesn't cut it!

Pictures from this morning....

see? happy!

I added up my Sept totals for my stocks...drum roll please... 39.14% gain on the account. I have a hard time trying to figure out how to work in the stock that tanked and is just sitting there. I think I am going with the accounting method of, if I haven't sold it, I haven't lost it so it doesn't count quite yet! Next year I think I'll start selling off chunks of it during months that I do really well so I won't get bumped into the 28% tax bracket.

My goal for October is 6%, just like all the other months. But with things how they are and with Carnival stock in the toilet (and I'm all out of cash to buy more - darn it!) I have to wait for it to perk back up before I do anything. But really with last month's great Citi deal I can go a month without trading. It won't kill me....twitch twitch.

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