Monday, October 27, 2008

First "Portrait"

Taken at work on Saturday with a $5 donation to United Way :)


Tricia said...

Hey Kim!
What a cute picture of Natalie! I am an Auburn grad but grew up a Tennessee Vol fan so I approve! LOL Thanks for your comments on my blog. Take care...

Tricia Thompson
Journey to Maggie
LID 7-22-06

Stephe said...

Awesome Photo!

Hey girl, I got your comment on my blog. Your aol link on your profile doesn't work though. I don't know what feedburn is? I know I use bloglines to see feeds but other than that... :(

Hope you get it figured out! If you do, you'll have to make it a post!!!

Steve and Alese said...

Natalie looks absolutely adorable. I love the outfit.