Saturday, October 04, 2008


The yard sale was a success I think! We sold about half of the stuff based on volume (I love seeing empty containers!) and made $261.50. I just got to the point where I couldn't price or sort anything else. I also sent a few bags off to Salvation Army and took a rocking chair to the foodbank at church that also helps with furniture.

Soooo that pushes our great de-looting total to $430.50. Break down by the hour I am paying myself like 17 cents. lol But I am going to keep trucking along until the house is sold and I lose my storage space (oooo and the city delivered the pipes for the sewer connection sometime yesterday. The back hoe guy is coming next week to dig the trench then the fun begins.)

Now I have to clean up the great mess left by sorting. I knew it was messy but I blamed it on the sale, I mean you can't work really hard without making a mess right? But now that it's all repacked and contained, nope, the place is a wreak and it has nothing to do with the sale!

Bye for now!

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