Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Ok first things first. My sweet baby? She has left the building. In her place, I have a whining mean little thing who throws, hits, bites and screams!

Soooo instead of being easy going mommy, we are going on a schedule. Zero flexibility in it too. She'll eat everyday exactly at the same time. I'll rearrange all outside activities around the schedule. We'll wake up on the weekends the same time as the weekdays instead of snoozing a little extra. Dinner will be eaten in a high chair or it won't be eaten at all. Coloring and crafts will be done at the same time everyday. Elmo time will be the same time everyday (and she won't weasel more than one segment out of me a day). The playpen is back in operation and will be her time out cubby. I expect to get a lot of use out of it.

I guess what I am afraid of, is this little powerhouse ruling the roost. She can't do that, it's my job. She is so opinionated at 20 months, I am afraid of how she'll be in just a few more months. So we are going into lockdown. Not to say we won't have fun, but I guess my gameplan of being flexible has really bit me in the ass (literally, like 2 days ago).

Ok so here are some pictures. Notice I don't take them when she is acting up haha Maybe I should? To save to show her prom date? hhmmm...

All ready for school, it's cool enough for jeans :)

Hello? sweet when she her crib..not in my bed...

In her daycare shirt, wasn't that a cute idea?

Ready for church, fit to follow (ok so maybe I do have some pictures but I won't post them for now lol)

Its not BoBo but he'll do while BoBo is in the wash.

Sleepy already
That is it for now, see ya!


Julie said...

Oh my, that sleeping photo is beautiful!

Beverly said...

funny how the moody toddler can come and go on the turn of a dime. She is too cute though!!