Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vera Bradley bags are on clearance :)

If you haven't bought one because they are just too expensive now is a great time to wander over to and check out their clearance section. I got $398 worth of bags for $125 (5 of them, two of the blue/brown and the red). Some will be Christmas, some will be for ME! :) I thought $25 was a good price. If you find a style you like, be sure to click on all the fabrics, the brown and blue is not retiring and was the only bag I found on clearance in that fabric :)

Let's see, we have colds. I didn't leave the condo all weekend long. Scooter went on two excursions with grandpa. On Saturday he took her out to run errands while I slept (mine is 10 times worse than hers). I didn't realize until he came home that he took her in her pjs with breakfast still on her face and her hair all knotted up. Of course she loved it because she loves to be dirty but I was a little embarrassed :)

Turkey was 59 cents a pound this week and I cooked a 21 pounder today. I am making stock now!

hmmm hmm good!

Ok that is it for now bye!

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