Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mid Week Pictures

This morning, she wouldn't pose for me. That is the cute top from the kid's consignment sale :)

All wrapped up in the morning after her bath. She'll sit here for 10 minutes while I finish getting ready.
New PJs :)
She has become a neat little thing!

Check out all the hair :)

She was so cute on Monday, she was very proud of her new shoes and showed them to everyone. (that is the NWT Baby Gap sweater from goodwill that was $1.97 :)

She has put on 2 pounds since her last Drs appt and I think it is all in her belly.

Playing with her blocks...well maybe just the block bucket!

She now sings on command, I have cute video that I will upload. It is usually some variation of "Happy Thursday" mama, papa, ookie, nana and she really belts it out sometimes, it cracks me up. I am pretty sure Santa is going to bring her a microphone!


Steve and Alese said...

I was looking back on our Gotcha Day in September of 2007, and ran across the comment you left for us. I'm so glad I found your blog. Natalie is an absolute beauty. I love all the pictures and especially the Disney blog. Natalie and you will have a blast when you go to Disney World. I'm excited for you guys. Your blog is awesome and we can't wait to see more pictures.

Beverly said...

she is so cute.