Sunday, October 19, 2008

Natalie's Books

After 10 months, I am finally working on Natalie's books. Natalie - Year One is going to start with her little finding ad picture and the few pictures I have from her foster care. Then I'll move into her referral, pictures of some of her cute loot, our trip to China and the weeks after we got home all the way to Jan 31st. I'm up to 65 pages so far and I still need to get pictures from our travel group. The book only holds 100 pages and I plan on maxing it out. Might as well make it a really GOOD book! :)

Year two will start on her birthday. I think I'll have a hard time craming this year into just 100 pages. I might need a volume one and two :)

I decided to go ahead and spend the cash after reading that Stephe had planned to spend a bunch to make one. I looked into shutterfly and I really liked their layouts so I am going with them. Anyone have a coupon code? Each year is going to cost $175 eeeck! But I think it is worth is an if you want to rationalize it, think $14.58 a month :)

I got some cute stuff today at Kohls. Scooter pie is getting this for Christmas:

I also got my Dad two Hawaiian silk shirts for the cruise, 2 -3packs of white body suits for scooter (marked down to $4.25 a pack yay!) and two pairs of sneakers for the baby.

Except hers are pink and white instead of navy. They were on sale for just $13.50 a pair, I thought that was a steal. I got a size 6 for now and a 7 for later. She also got a pair of little black yoga looking pants.

At Target I bought some little stuff but did see an easel I liked. I hear the phrase "Natadee colowr mama now thank you please" a lot. Does anyone have this?

I thought it might be a good idea to organize her art loot early, it is already piling up!

That is it for now, will post more pictures later - bye!

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Tricia said...

Hi, you don't know me as I have been a "lurker" here as you raise your beautiful daughter, Natalie. I am single as well and have a LID of 7-22-06 for my daughter, Maggie. I live in Birmingham, Alabama.

I just think Natalie is so precious and is so much fun. I also love your thriftiness and have starting going to CVS because of your older posts. Thanks!

I have heard of a great idea to help corral those priceless pieces of artwork. You probably have already heard of this but when Natalie makes a special piece of art, have her hold it and take a picture of her with it. Then put those pics in an album for her along with her age. That way you have what she looked liked when she made the piece along with the piece of art without having to keep up with hundreds of materpieces! Of course, keep a few of them and frame them in a special place! The others use as wrapping presents from her to a special person or use as thank you notes to people who gave her a present. My mother cannot wait to get those thank you notes from Maggie's art.

Thanks again for allowing me to be apart of you, your father and Natalie's lives. It does help with the wait! Take care,

Tricia Thompson