Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Very exciting :)

I am getting a new front porch..sort of :) Just as a background, my house was part of an estate sale and it was in pretty bad shape. We first tackled the inside projects, tons of paint, refinishing the hardwood, redid the whole bath, put in kitchen tile and painted the cabinets. There has also been a lot of plumbing redos and wiring upgrades. On the outside we did siding, new gutters and windows. It's been quite the project!

Now we find ourselves knee deep in the eyesore dilemma. Every time you fix something and make it pretty and new, it makes something else look just that much worse.

My biggest eyesore now is my front porch. My current front porch is a wide rectangle, about 14 feet X 8 feet. Imagine a box, my front door is in the upper left corner, my big living room window is in the middle of the top portion next to the door. All it has it two square columns holding up the edges in the bottom left and right corners.

I am getting new supports (which will probably still be square) and rails :) Originally I had awful metal ones that were rusty and sharp, I took those out the first week I lived here. So the front porch area has looked naked for awhile.

Once that's done I'll paint my white wicker furniture a cute color and put it on the front porch. I'd also like to have long curtain type things that I could gather and tie to the supports. When I mentioned that to dad he just gave me "that look", the "I'm just going to nod my head yes while you girl up my cool wood working project" look - hehe

Want to see something frightening? I know what is going through your head, holy crap, and she is going to put a kid in there?

Then look, just a year later...

I can't find my phase three picture with the white windows. Phase 4 is with the redone front porch, 5 will be the deck, 6 will be the driveway and hopefully the last project in this fixer upper :)


Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Great Job!

Anonymous said...

Your house looks great and what an accomplishment. Can't wait to see more photos.