Sunday, December 31, 2006

Packing for the trip...

What is a girl to do when her referral is taking 18 months instead of 6? Why tweak her packing list over ...and over... and over... well, you get the idea.

This my friends is my final list. I've already packed half of it away into little Ziploc baggies, sorted by "category". You will not see my shampoo packets anywhere near my toothpaste, thank you very much.

If you have something to add to the list, please post it. At one point, I had the grand idea to go carry on only. I would totally do that if I had a second person going to split up the baby loot up with. Then they messed me up with the liquid thing... tell me how I am suppose to survive on 2 ounces of contact cleaner for 3 weeks?

So now instead of carry on only, I'm joining the "Oh PLEASE let this be under 40 pounds" club. My goal is to have one hand free and be able to lift my bags with the other. I'm assuming the worst, several flights of stairs everywhere.


Kim said...

Okay...I thought I was anal...what a list, girl!!! Don't think that I'm not printing it off right now and putting it in my adoption workbook because I AM!!
Yes, I have an adoption workbook with the contract from my agency, all my important papers, etc. all divided up with their own tab labels. I know, I'm pathetic. But, at least I know where all those most important papers are!!
Great List..I love it!!!

Kim Y in Memphis

Kim said...


I have one of those too! It's a big huge one that zips all the way around. I have folders for important papers and I three hole punched my agency's stuff so I could "file" it.

If you think this list is impressive, I have now split it between three bags, 2 small carry ons and 1 checked bag. I've also marked what I have to buy still. TADA!