Saturday, December 16, 2006

2 more days...

until my front porch is done :) I have my garland and lights ready to go. 2006..the first year I put out Christmas lights :)

This is day one. Yes that is SNOW. We froze!

And this was the end of today. It was 68 degrees today, more like April than Dec. For those who don't believe in global warming, you needed to be in east TN today!

(look, there is Maggie on the right, mom to the last batch of kittens. To the left is baby #5 I could never catch, he's fast so I've named him Rocket)

Only 14 more rails on the front to go, then we have to make 2- 18 inch wide sections just for decoration where I was standing. None of it's hard, just time consuming. We've learned the right way to do a lot of this too, so it will be much faster when we start on the deck after Christmas :)

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