Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy December 26th!

Ask me why I have a El Salvador ticker and weather girl on my blog?

Because DD#2 is there!

The program is 18-24 months total. The process isn't that much different that China, from what I've read. I'll use a lot of the same documents that I used for China (home study, financial, employment verification, medical) and they are authenticated probably just as much (TN requires a notary, a county verification, a state verification, a state department verification and a consulate verification). I'll travel to pick her up 4-8 weeks after referral and stay 2-3 weeks in country.

I'll be using America World Adoption and I'll start on paperwork on Oct 1, 2007. Hopefully Natalie and I will be back from China during the summer so I'll be back to work by Oct 1 to get a good feel on how it is to be a single working mom.

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