Friday, December 01, 2006

Disapointment, New music and a Lesson

My agency has no word of referrals unlike everyone else. My friend Pam might not be getting her referral this week :( The announcement says up to the 8th and in the past, that has included that date. Maybe not this month, Living Hope doesn't have anything coming from Beijing via DHL on their account. We had 2 families that were skipped last month due to questioning that were suppose to get their referrals also. It seems there is a new policy, if they ask questions, you get pulled from your group and you land wherever they are at in the review process. If it takes you a month to get information back to them and for them to process you, it seems like they'll scoot your LID to that later time. A month used to be just a month. Now it is taking 2-3 real days to process 1 paperwork day. I have 87 paperwork days until my referral. That could be 87- 261 real days for me. Worse case, that puts me with an August referral travelling in Oct. If that is how it's going to be, I'm ok with that. __________________________________________________

I really like movie soundtracks :) My favorite is Braveheart (James Horner) and I get REALLY ticked when I hear inferior movies using bits of the soundtrack (like Castaway, that was a stupid movie). I think movies earn their music!

My second favorite is Star Wars. Big shock there! It's written in the handbook for nerds, that one must own all the movies in the most expensive collectors edition format and have at least one of the soundtracks in their car :) John Williams - you rock!

Third is...wait for it.....Superman. Yup, no brainer I know. John Ottman did a good job, he tweaked the main theme that John Williams created in the 70's. I think he would of been hunted down by fans and poked with sharp sticks if he hadn't ;)

Anyway, I changed the music because it didn't sound superman-ish. It was the music from the teenage Clark jumping over cornfields, I liked that part of the movie :) Now it's from a flying scene.

Ok, here is our fun YouTube goody of the day. There is a girl willing to teach the world Chinese! That is no easy feat considering I am southern. Not too southern, I spent 10 years in other places that smoothed out my drawl a bit but it's still there.
Today we will learn how to say hello. "Ni hao" or "knee how" if you are from TN ;)


Have a good day for the 4 people that read my blog! I am off to my mom's to prepare for the garage sale. Wish me luck, I hope to finish wiping out my Avon inventory! :)

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