Saturday, December 23, 2006

Lumber :)

I know it's silly to be excited about lumber but I am!

Today we bought the lumber to repair my deck. Awhile back, a wind storm tore off the roof and took one entire wall out. It crashed 10 feet below into my driveway. The insurance company sent me a check that would cover a replacement roof & wall but I stuck that $ on the house because that was the exact amount I needed to pay it off (well that plus $3).

Soooo, fast forward to now, I have a 16 X 16 ft deck on the side of my house that is getting new railings that look like the front porch. Lucky for me, the floor was not damaged at all from the storm, that would of cost a LOT more. I choose not to put another roof on the deck because I really like the view from my kitchen sink window, a roof totally blocks that.

So when we are all done, I'll grab a couple of these:

and I'll be all set for summer :)

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