Saturday, December 23, 2006

How to survive an alien attack



You'll have to forgive me, a few days ago I was bit by a spider. It took less than a minute for my finger to blow up and I thought I might have to go to the emergency room (I weird allergy issues). To be preventative, I grabbed my "oh crap I ate something I shouldn't of" handy dandy bottle of children's liquid benedryll. You take a swig and it buys you time.

So anyway, I drink some, no change and I start to feel weird. So I drink some more. My dad was like let's just go to the doc and stubborn me was like no, they'll charge me $75 to tell me to go home and take benedryll. So I drink a little more.

The last thing I remember is being on my sofa with my dad trying to feed me dinner at 7pm. I woke up at 2:30 PM the next day....oops

So now, I'm just all messed up. It's 2am and I prob won't go to bed tonight. My mind is like "whoa, too much sleep, too much energy, you are killing me!" ....And am I using my boundless energy for anything productive? Heck no, I'm watching movie clips online, I'm just that cool (not).

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Tammy said...


I just love your blog!!! you are soooo funny!!!! Hope you have fully recovered from your spider bite.

"waiting on Meisha"